The Balance
The Balance Governance (ENG)

Evolution to The Balance

Luniverse has been providing the best development environment. Now, The Balance ecosystem provides expanding experience and opportunities.

Bigbang of Luniverse

Distributed blockchain is rising as a mainstream alternative to existing centralized networks based on its worth of zero trust, fairness, and stability. Various industry domains are considering blockchain technology adoption in line with these movements. However, the popularization and commercialization efforts for an enterprise-level blockchain system suffer the blockchain-inherent problems such as low transaction throughput, expensive processing fees, and bad compatibility with the legacy systems.
To solve these problems, Lambda256 launched a Multichain BaaS(Blockchain as a Service) called Luniverse, which provides enterprise-level processing speed, high scalability, and robustness that overcomes the limitations of existing blockchains. Luniverse operates its high-performance mainnet and offers layer2 sidechains with useful built-in tools such as wallet, DID, NFT, and API for service partners. By lowering the technical barriers that are inevitably accompanied by the commercialization of Web3 products, Lambda256 is becoming the global blockchain leader.

Expansion to The Balance

Despite these efforts of Luniverse to ease the technical barriers, many other practical issues making the entities hesitate to introduce blockchains remain, such as lack of technical & market understanding or business model reference. For this reason, Lambda256 has rebranded the Luniverse's Mainnet Ecosystem to The Balance. It now supports a full-stack blockchain solution expanded to cover the business layer, not only the technical subjects.
The Balance's main chain is a stable consortium chain maintained by the distributed trust from the validator nodes participating in the PoA consensus. The Balance allocates sidechains to service partners as running environments for the blockchain services. Through The Balance Launchpad, the partners can get consulting for all processes of blockchain business commercialization, such as technical standard guides, developing business models, building technical strategies, and operating open communities.
The Balance's final goal via these expansions is to establish a symbiotic Web 3.0 ecosystem by providing blockchain business opportunities to entities and encouraging healthy interaction among members.