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Discover Web3 business opportunities and prepare for successful blockchain services with The Balance Tech Launchpad!

What is Tech Launchpad?

The Balance's tech launchpad is a technical supporting program that aims to lower the barrier to entry of blockchain services for entities and helps the ecosystem influx. There are no conditions to apply for Tech Launchpad on-boarding. If the entities pass the selection process, including analysis of capabilities and business model, they will be selected as the support target. Selected entities can get various business and technical support from a specialized consulting and technical support team for the overall processes, such as discovering new business opportunities from existing business models, blockchain education, infrastructure construction, and upgrading business models.

What does Tech Launchpad support?

Tech Launchpad support for each step is as follows:
Process of Tech Launchpad

1. Tech Lauchpad Onboarding Request

  • Submit project summary
  • Project inspection and analysis of entity's capability
  • Project selection for Tech Launchpad

2. Incubation

  • Build business strategy and roadmap
  • Support for establishing marketing strategies
  • Training in technical fields related to blockchain

3. Technical Support

  • Links Luniverse developer tools for implementation and support of new technologies
  • Provides infrastructure building guides for safe service operations
  • Interworks multichain through connecting the bridge