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Why The Balance?

Why The Balance?

Customer-Centric Blockchain

Representative Layer 1 blockchains, such as Ethereum and Solana, play the roles of infrastructure for DApp development, but they don't provide additional developer tools. On the other hand, Luniverse, a technical base of The Balance, offers a highly reliable infrastructure and developer tools to build DApp services, such as GUI Console, REST API, and Multichain Bridge. Also, Luniverse ensures 99.9% SLA reliability by providing a separate chain environment to operate services. Check out the documents with the below link to understand how to use Luniverse.
Welcome Luniverse 2.0
Luniverse 2.0 Document

The Balance Tech Launchpad

We support not only developing services but also the services to become popular through the Web 3.0 Tech Launchpad program. Internal audit selects potential projects, and we help them launch services successfully through technical consulting appropriated to each service. Selected projects can get business support, such as consist a suitable governance consortium and support a business network to secure partners.

Multichain Middleware

With the emergence of numerous blockchains, including Ethereum, entities are expanding their ecosystem by attracting various DApp such as DeFi, NFT, and DAO to the blockchain. Since each chain has different pros and cons, it is important to secure interoperability between chains and grow the entire crypto market rather than competition. Luniverse can perform as Multichain Middleware in the crypto market by building a mainnet ecosystem using The Balance and supporting the transfer of the assets to various public chains such as Ethereum through Multichain Bridge. The end-users can respond quickly to market volatility while using Luniverse's high-performance chain environment, and developers can develop DApps rapidly and easily. Also, it has high interoperability for transferring assets to any mainnet according to strategic judgment, enabling strategic service expansion according to the market environment.