The Balance
The Balance Governance (ENG)



  • Luniverse Board: The Board of directors of Lambda256
  • System Engineer: The technical team who provides technical support
  • Coordinator: The person in charge of operating The Balance

The Balance Validator

Companies participating in The Balance Governance
  • Validator: Validator is in charge of making decisions for the best of The Balance by excercising given rights
  • Candidate: Validator candidate who gets elected through Add vote
  • Withdraw Validator: Validator who loses its right as a validator through Remove vote

Service Partner, operator of a Sidechain

  • Service Partner: An entity that owns and operates a sidechain. An entity runs Web 3.0 business on the side chain and can generate tokens and deploy smart contracts.
  • DApp User: Users of DApp services created on the sidechain
  • Sidechain Validator: Companies or organizations that participate in Sidechain Governance

Eco Partner

  • Eco Partner: Abc