The Balance
The Balance Governance (ENG)

Scalable Layer2 Blockchain

The Balance Design Overview

How The Balance Provides Scalable & Trusted Service

The Balance is the Layer2 Blockchain Platform which has a layered architecture. The mainchain of The Balance(Layer 1) is the trust layer that provides the final verifiability of state changes in the ecosystem. It performs a public ledger infrastructure in the platform. Layer 2 is a scalable service layer that provides a mainchain-separated running environment for partner DApps. Each sidechain in Layer 2 independently works as a dedicated environment only to the partner. Computing resources and network bandwidth are not shared between layers or inside Layer 2. Therefore, each DApp can process data using the independent network with high availability and performance. It offers a Rollup function to guarantee the reliability of block data created on the Layer 2 sidechain. Through this architecture, it is available to process large-capacity data on each sidechain and ensure data verification on the mainchain.

Zero Gas Fees

One of the biggest blockers to the commercialization of enterprise blockchain services is the expensive transaction fees and frequent price volatility in currencies of public blockchains. The layered network architecture of The Balance enables the processing of all transactions with zero gas fees. This helps service providers manage blockchain infrastructure without concern about huge gas fees increasing in proportion to the amount of traffic. If it is necessary to create transactions on the mainchain for some reason (i.e., Rollup), Free Charged Gas can be used at a certain period on each sidechain. Generally, the required amount of Free Charged Gas is predictable and not proportional to the number of transactions.

Network Architecture

Layer1 and Layer2 of The Balance use a PoA consensus algorithm, so each environment consists of a P2P(Peer to Peer) network between multiple validator nodes.