The Balance
The Balance Governance (ENG)

Trust and Security


The Balance's protocol technology, designed for optimization, availability, and stability of the service operating environment as a top priority, provides a robust and enterprise-class runtime environment.
  • Environment
    The physical network environment that validator nodes and interface nodes are running on meets the enterprise-level availability requirements according to the internal SLA. It consists of a HA(High Availability) architecture with network redundancy. Therefore, this enables a robust operation even if a local network fails.
  • Transaction Pipelining
    Each step necessary for processing transactions, from requesting transactions through API calls to issuing receipts and performing callbacks, is processed in distributed using the transaction pipeline of Luniverse. It leads to stable processing without network panic within the highest performance limits, even if there are large-scale requests to nodes. Also, it is applied nonce tracking technology to reduce the implementational complexity of large-scale traffic management for services. In the general Ethereum chain, DApp should create, assign, track, and manage nonce of all transactions. So there are various complicated error cases to be considered, such as the case of missed transactions due to state conflicts by nonce values between leading and trailing transactions. Luniverse uses the advanced transaction pipeline that allocates and tracks nonce by itself, enabling auto-recovery and re-processing for missed transactions. These functions allow for implementing large-scale and high-performance services.


It enhances the security for managing any keys required to operate the network by building its KMS(Key Management System) based on HSM(Hardware Security Module). It is not only used in running environments but also provides a DEOA(Delegated EOA) function, so it can also prevent the identity promise. Regarding security stability in the operating environment, reliability is secured by obtaining certification from Theori, a white hacker group.